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 Current Planning/Tree Work Applications & Decisions 

After the Borough Council notifies the Parish Council of a planning or tree work application it is added to this page and remains here until some time after either the Borough Council has made its decision or the application has been withdrawn.

Latest information can be found by searching the Basingstoke and Deane Planning Applications Simple Search Page

1. Pinus sp. - fell 2. Alnus sp. - fell 3. Prunus avium. - fell 4. Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula' - fell.  Upton Grey Place, Upton Grey Road, Upton Grey RG25 2RQ. Reference T/00535/21/TCA. Status: Registered

Tree works as per health and safety report dated 07/02/2021. Upton Grey House, Upton Grey, RG25 2RE. Reference T/00516/21/TCA. Status: Registered

A modest white beam tree on the bank between Sycamore Cottage and St Martins Row has died. We want to cut the tree down before it falls on our driveway or cars. There is no need for replacements to be planted as there are similar trees that have grown up and through the tree we want to take down. Sycamore Cottage, Church Street, Upton Grey, RG25 2RA. Reference T/00487/21/TCA. Status: Registered

T1 and T2 Maples: crown reduce to leave a crown height of 10m with a spread of 5m. T3 Catalpa: crown thin by 20% and crown lift to 2m. Upton Grey Lodge, Basingstoke Road, Upton Grey, RG25 2RE. Reference T/00483/21/TCA Status: Registered

T1, Conifer, fell to ground level, now exposed due to the failure of neighbouring tree.  T2, Poplar, reduce by 3/4 meters back to growth point leaving a finish height of 9 meters and spread of 5 metres. T3 and T4, Conifer, fell. T5 and T6 Maple, reduce property side by 1.5-2 meters. T7 Eucalyptus, recent limb failures in the crown, pollard by 50% leaving a finish height of 8 meters and spread of 6 meters. The Third House, Cleves Lane, Upton Grey, RG25 2RG. Reference T/00440/21/TCA. Status: No objection

Laurel(T1) - cut back to create 1m clearance from garage. Field Maple (T2) - Cut back to give 1m clearance from garage. To take all branches of fabric of the building8 Meadowside, Upton Grey, RG25 2FE. Reference T/00429/21/TCA Status: Granted

Demolition and replacement of an agricultural building, silo and stores to provide for a wellness centre with flexible rural workspace and ancillary vitality bar, creation of a secondary access road, parking and landscaping. The Old Dairy, White Lane, Greywell, RG29 1TL. Reference 21/02678/OOBC Status: Registered Please note this application will be determined by Hart District Council, full details of the application can be found under 21/02002/FUL

Erection of single storey front extension. Red Brick Cottage, Weston Road, Upton Grey, RG25 2RJ. Reference 21/02441/HSE Status: Granted

Demolition of existing stable block, garage and lean to storage shed. Erection of a detached garage, extension to provide enclosed pool house with link to main house and sun room extension, including various internal alterations, replacement heating system, and alterations to fenestration. Improvements to hard landscaping Village Farm House, Bidden Road, Upton Grey, RG25 2RL. Reference 21/01059/LBC and 21/01058/HSE Status: Registered 

Erection of a Solar Photovoltaic Farm with an output capacity not to exceed 49.9MW of energy, with associated battery storage and supporting infrastructure including inverters and a transformer, fencing, CCTV installation and landscaping works  Chosley Farm, Bidden Road, North Warnborough, RG29 1BW. Reference 20/03185/FUL. Status: Registered

Erection of up to 16 no. dwellings (including 6no. affordable houses) with all matters reserved for later consideration  Land Adjacent To Meadowside And Bidden Road, Upton Grey. Ref 20/02888/OUT. Status: Registered

Development of an Energy Recovery Facility and Associated Infrastructure  Alton Materials Recovery Centre, A31, Alton, GU34 4JD. Ref 20/01719/00BC. Status: Registered