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Current Planning Applications & Decisions 

After the Borough Council notifies the Parish Council of a planning application it is added to this page and remains here until some time after either the Borough Council has made its decision or the application has been withdrawn. Click on the hi lighted area of each application to view further details on the Borough Council website.

Notes on the progress of planning applications which have been considered by the Parish Council can been found in the minutes of the Parish Council meetings. 

Latest information can also be found by searching the Basingstoke and Deane Planning Applications Simple Search Page


Hedge/tall shrub reduction: as per supporting information regarding the scopes of works being carried out  Meadowside, Upton Grey, RG25 2FE. Ref T/00228/19/TCA. Received 17 May 2019. Validated 20 May 2019. Status: Registered

Installation of an underground LPG fuel tank 18 Little Hoddington, Upton Grey, RG25 2RN. Ref 19/01287/HSE. Received 10 May 2019. Validated 20 May 2019. Status: Registered

Erection of single storey side extension, garage conversion and alterations to fenestrations The Red House, Weston Close, Upton Grey, RG25 2RX. Ref 19/01022/HSE. Received 10 April 2019. Validated 13 May 2019. Status: Registered

T1 Field maple: fell Gatesgarth, Cleves Lane, Upton Grey, RG25 2RG. Ref T/00205/19/TCA. Received 2 May 2019. Validated 7 May 2019. Status: Registered

Variation of condition 1 of 17/03210/LBC to allow amended plans for the requirement of further underpinning below existing ground floor Hoddington House, Baymans Lane, Hoddington, Upton Grey, RG25 2RU. Ref 19/01138/LBC. Received 24 April 2019. Validated 26 April 2019. Status: Registered

Beech (T1) (a series of small beech trees): Fell. Hazel (T2): Fell. Hinoki Cypress (T3) (roughly 10 feet tall): Fell. 4 no. Silver Birch (T4): Fell. 4 no. Small hazel trees (T5): Fell. Lime Tree (T6): Fell. Leylandii hedge (T7): Fell. Taxus Baccata (T8): Fell. Dwarf Conifer (T9): Fell The Red House, Weston Close, Upton Grey, RG25 2 RX. Ref T/00170/19/TCA. Received 11 April 2019. Validated 15 April 2019. Status: Registered

Erection of single storey rear extension 1 Little Hoddington, Upton Grey, RG25 2RN. Ref 19/01075/HSE. Received 16 April 2019. Validated 16 April 2019. Status: Registered

Yew: remove to below level of existing hedge  Mayfield Cottage, Weston Road, Upton Grey, RG25 2RH. Ref T/00183/19/TCA. Received 23 April 2019. Validated 23 April 2019. Status: Registered

Change of use from paddock for extension of the existing haulage yard hardstanding area (part retrospective) Reynard House, Weston Road, Upton Grey, RG25 2RJ. Ref 19/00059/FUL. Received 7 January 2019. Validated 14 January 2019. Status: Registered

Erection of 22 dwellings with parking, access to Weston Road and landscaping Land at Weston Road, Upton Grey, RG25 2RJ. Ref 18/03300/FUL. Received 9 November 2018. Validated 15 November 2018. Status: Registered