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Current Planning Applications & Decisions 

After the Borough Council notifies the Parish Council of a planning application it is added to this page and remains here until some time after either the Borough Council has made its decision or the application has been withdrawn.

Notes on the progress of planning applications which have been considered by the Parish Council can been found in the minutes of the Parish Council meetings. 

Latest information can also be found by searching the Basingstoke and Deane Planning Applications Simple Search Page

T1-T6 (6 dead Elm): fell. T7-T8 2 Sycamore: fell. Manor Farm (Home Field), Upton Grey, RG25 2RQ. Reference T/00193/21/TCA Status: Registered 

Ash Tree - Crown reduce by no more than 3m overall and crown thin by no more than 15% overall. Remove deadwood, dying, rubbing and crossing branches as necessary. Fir Tree - removal. The tree has grown through a laurel hedge, which we want to protect. The tree causes excessive shading in the garden and to the surrounding flowers and plants. The tree is drooping at the crown. Fairfield House, 4 South Hill, Upton Grey, RG25 2SH. Reference T/00158/21/TCA Status: Registered

2 x Ash: Pollard to c15ft, 2 x Sycamore clumps: Remove, 1 x Ash: Remove. Upton House, Basingstoke Road, Upton Grey, RG25 2RE. Reference T/00065/21/TCA Status: Granted

Erection of greenhouse Exbury House, 2 The Arboretum, Upton Grey, RG25 2SG. Reference 21/00750/HSE Status: Registered

Replacement of 4 windows (upstairs and kitchen). Replace 2 windows on garage. Replace flat conservatory roof with sloping slate roof  April Cottage, Weston Road, Upton Grey, RG25 2RJ. Reference 21/00527/HSE Status: Granted

Fell one eucalyptus tree in front garden, growing at a dangerous angle and signs of basil decay. Crown lift and cut back to boundary four ash trees on east side of house, these are currently overhanging the boundary fence and to reduce the chance of squirrels getting onto roof and subsequently causing damage in loft space. On roadside crown lift group of hazel and maple to 5.5 metres which are encroaching on the lane and to trim back away from electricity cables. On roadside remove one limb from one ash tree which is over hanging garage. Portland House, Cleves Lane, Upton Grey, RG25 2RG. Reference T/00080/21/TCA. Status: Granted

Installation of replacement oil tanks and concrete base Manor House, Upton Grey, RG25 2RD. Reference 21/00311/HSE Status: Granted

Certificate of Lawfulness to confirm that material operations have taken place pursuant to and consistent with Planning Permission No. 20/01055/ROC Fiveways Cottage, Westers Lane, Humbly Grove, South Warnborough, RG29 1RY. Reference 21/00367/LDEO Status: Granted

Erection of a Solar Photovoltaic Farm with an output capacity not to exceed 49.9MW of energy, with associated battery storage and supporting infrastructure including inverters and a transformer, fencing, CCTV installation and landscaping works  Chosley Farm, Bidden Road, North Warnborough, RG29 1BW. Reference 20/03185/FUL. Status: Registered

Erection of up to 16 no. dwellings (including 6no. affordable houses) with all matters reserved for later consideration  Land Adjacent To Meadowside And Bidden Road, Upton Grey. Ref 20/02888/OUT. Status: Registered

Erection of a single storey detached annexe to the pub to provide 6 guest bedrooms, increase existing number of car spaces to provide a total of 26 car spaces including disabled spaces and removal of one tree (T1), and hedgerows TG2 & TG3 identified in the Ecological report Hoddington Arms, Bidden Road, Upton Grey, RG25 2RL. Ref 20/02048/FUL. Status: Registered

Development of an Energy Recovery Facility and Associated Infrastructure  Alton Materials Recovery Centre, A31, Alton, GU34 4JD. Ref 20/01719/00BC. Status: Registered