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Current Planning Applications & Decisions 

After the Borough Council notifies the Parish Council of a planning application it is added to this page and remains here until some time after either the Borough Council has made its decision or the application has been withdrawn. Click on the hi lighted area of each application to view further details on the Borough Council website.

Notes on the progress of planning applications which have been considered by the Parish Council can been found in the minutes of the Parish Council meetings. 

Latest information can also be found by searching the Basingstoke and Deane Planning Applications Simple Search Page


Hawthorn (T1) - multi-stemmed, approximately 9m tall, thinning crown approximately 4-5m wide. Fell to build garden wall.  Replace with 5-year old hawthorn approximately 2.5m tall at nearby position. Magnolia (T2): Reduce crown diameter by 2m by cutting back one side where it has grown lopsided, leaving a diameter of approximately 3m. Height to remain unchanged at approximately 3m. Crown thin by 20% to avoid interference with overhead power lines and telephone cable  Childs Cottage, Weston Road, Upton Grey, RG25 2RJ. Reference T/00080/20/TCA. Received 18 February 2020. Validated 20 February 2020. Status: Registered

A,B,C,D,E,F Sycamore: repollard as per specification on schedule of work Pond House, Weston Road, Upton Grey, RG25 2RH. Reference T/00076/20/TCA. Received 14 February 2020. Validated 20 February 2020. Status: Registered

T1; Beech (multi stemmed) Remove 2 (two) lower stems and reduce crown by approx 10m to suitable growth points leaving a finished height of approx 20m and a finished spread of approximately 18m Spindlewood, Weston Road, Upton Grey, RG25 2RJ. Ref T/00058/20/TCA. Received 5 February 2020. Validated 6 February 2020. Status: Registered

T1 Hawthorn: fell, T2 Elder: fell Spindlewood, Weston Road, Upton Grey, RG25 2RJ. Ref T/00059/20/TCA. Received 5 February 2020. Validated 5 February 2020. Status: Registered

Installation of Inverter Heat pump (air sourced heat pump) to heat existing swimming pool. (Replaces existing boiler)  Pond House, Weston Road, Upton Grey, RG25 2RH.Ref 20/00138/HSE. Received 20 January 2020. Validated 20 January 2020. Status: Registered

Erection of single storey rear extension  8 Woodmanfield, Upton Grey, RG25 2RZ. Ref 20/00037/HSE. Received 7 January 2020. Validated 17 January 2020. Status: Registered

Erection of a single storey detached annexe to provide 6 no. guest bedrooms, formalisation of the existing car park to provide 29 spaces, and removal of 1 no. tree and 2 no. hedgerows and landscaping works Hoddington Arms, Bidden Road, Upton Grey, RG25 2RL. Ref 19/02675/FUL. Received 27 September 2019. Validated 14 November 2019. Status: Awaiting decision

Change of use of agricultural buildings/structures to a flexible use within classes B1 (office/light industrial), B2 (general industrial) and B8 (storage or distribution). Demolition of outbuildings 2, 3 and 7 and 2 no. silos. Erection of a building and creation of 2 no. courtyards for parking  Manor Farm, Upton Grey, RG25 2RQ. Ref 19/01673/FUL. Received 21 June 2019. Validated 26 September 2019. Status: Registered