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The Parish Council

Who we are and what we do

The Parish Council represents local government administration within the Borough Council of Basingstoke and Deane and the County Council of Hampshire.  We have responsibilities and involvement in a range of local services and facilities including: planning applications; monthly minibus service; maintenance of recreation areas; highways and traffic, trees and grass, paths and pavements.

We need to distinguish between the work of the Parish Council (the "PC") and that of the Parochial Church Council (the "PCC") 

Apart from August and December, the PC normally meets monthly

The Agendas for PC meetings are displayed at least three working days in advance. The Minutes are published initially in draft form (subject to approval or possibly amendment at a subsequent Council meeting) and then in their final form. The Agenda and Minutes may be viewed or downloaded from the Agenda and Minutes page of this website 

How we obtain, spend and account for funds

Every year, the PC submits a "precept" to Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council for the money we calculate that we need to administer the services we are responsible for. Tenders are invited for all major contracts, and suppliers are selected on the basis of value for money and the quality and reliability of work. Our accounts are independently audited and the results displayed annually on the Notice Board

How we make decisions

All regular PC meetings are transparent and open to the public. Visitors may question Councillors as appropriate. On matters of widespread local interest, formal consultations are organised

Routine enquiries should initially be directed to the Parish Clerk; if the Clerk is not available, any Councillor will be pleased to try and help