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Agenda and Minutes of Parish Council Meetings

Upton Grey Parish Council meetings take place in the Village Hall, usually on the third Thursday evening of the month except in December and August when usually no meeting is held.  All members of the public are welcome to attend and are invited to speak on any matter relevant to the Parish in the public session. 

Three "working" days in advance of the meeting the Agenda is published here on this website and on the Notice Board outside the Village Hall, or can be obtained by emailing the Clerk, clerk@uptongreyparishcouncil.co.uk The Minutes are published in DRAFT form once available, but become final only when approved by the Council at a subsequent meeting.

Agenda 15th March 2018  
Agenda 15th February 2018 
Agenda 18th January 2018
Agenda 16th November 2017 
Agenda 19th October 2017 
Agenda 21st September 2017 
Agenda 20th July 2017 
Agenda  15th June 2017
Agenda Annual Parish Meeting 18th May 2017 
Agenda AGM 18th May 2017 
Agenda 16th March 2017 
Agenda 16th February 2017 
Agenda 19th January 2017 
Agenda 17th November 2016 
Agenda 20th October 2016 
Agenda 15th September 2016
Agenda 21st July 2016 
Agenda 16th June 2016 
Agenda 19th May 2016

 Agenda 21st April 2016
APM Agenda 21st April 2016 

Agenda 12th April 2016 
15th March 2018 
15th February 2018 
18th January 2018 Minutes 
16th November 2017 Minutes 
 19th October 2017 Minutes
21st September 2017  Minutes 
20th July 2017  Minutes
15th June 2017 Minutes 
18th May 2017 Minutes 
20th April 2017 Minutes 
16th March 2017 Minutes 
16th February 2017 Minutes 
19th January 2017 Minutes 
17th November 2016 Minutes 
20th October 2016 Minutes 
15th September 2016 Minutes
21st July 2016 Minutes 
 16th June 2016 Minutes
16th May 2016 Minutes 
21st April 2016 Minutes 
12th April 2016 Minutes 
17th March 2016 Minutes 
18th February 2016 Minutes 
21st January 2016 Minutes 
11th December 2015 Minutes 
19th November 2015 Minutes 
17th September 2015 Minutes 
 23rd July 2015 Minutes
4th June 2015 Minutes 
 21st May 2015 Minutes
Annual Parish Meeting - & - 2nd April 2015 Minutes 
5th March 2015 Minutes 
  5th February 2015 Minutes
  8th January 2015 Minutes

  6th November 2014 Minutes

 2nd October 2014 Minutes
4th September 2014 Minutes  
3rd July 2014 Minutes 
17th June 2014 Minutes 
5th June 2014 Minutes 
1st May 2014 Minutes 
 3rd April 2014 Minutes
20th February 2014 Minutes 
16th January 2014 Minutes 
21st November 2013 Minutes 
17th October 2013 Minutes  
19th September 2013 Minutes 
18th July 2013 Minutes 
 20th June 2013 Minutes
16th May 2013 Minutes 
 18th April 2013 Minutes
 21st March 2013 Minutes
6th February 2013 Minutes 
14th January 2013 Minutes
7th November 2012 Minutes
3rd October 2012 Minutes